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Real Estate

EZR Mobile for Real Estate is a mobile communications platform that allows potential home-buyers to access real-time information through our easy-to-use Way Finding system– and drive qualified leads to local agents.

With our "Smart Rider" technology, aspiring home buyers can instantly access details about the homes that catch their eye as they drive or walk by the property. They simply text the unique code listed on the Smart Rider sign to the phone number of the agent provided, and it instantly gives them access to specific details about that listing delivered straight to their mobile device.

The text link goes directly to a landing page that will contain all of the photos, specifications, description and price of the property -- along with the agent's contact information. This can be a page that already exists on your website, or our team can build the page for you.

When a potential buyer enters the unique code found on one of our "Smart Rider" signs to request information about a specific property, their information can be send to a customized distribution list based on your preferences. Normally our clients chose to have the information sent to both the listing agent and a secondary back-up in case the primary agent is unavailable to respond in a timely fashion.

Our clients love how this effortlessly helps open the door to two-way communication with qualified prospects. They have seen a dramatic decrease in the time it takes to close a sale and have received feedback from home buyers that they appreciate the immediacy of the information and direct contact with the agent in a marketplace that can be very competitive to secure your dream home.

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