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Prospects visiting your lot can find out more information about cars they are interested in. They can book test drives, find out about trade-in prices and generally engage under their own terms. Our Ezr Auto text platform captures and immediately passes that contact information onto you anywhere, anytime.


EZR Auto has Verified and Secure Soft-Pull Credit Check partners to undertake SOFT checks that are not identified on any prospects credit history. Pre-Qualification is free to prospects and save time for the Dealership. We send the Qualification result to the prospect who can then share with the Dealer.

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Text Lead generation Works!

Text lead generation is a proven way to capture prospects and engage them early in the sales process. Creating Offers with mobile text responses, increases engagement opportunities and provides sales staff with genuine interest and user contact data. The EZR Auto Dealer platform helps Dealerships capture and engage with prospects.

Whether prospects engage from your lot, your website, from a printed brochure, newspaper, television advertisement or billboard sign, our Texting platform captures them and alerts you.

Simple management tools to capture leads and increase sales 24/7.

No Subscription - just Month to Month starting as low as $299.

Imagine being able to capture and engage with leads wherever they are? EZR Auto provides an economic mobile solutions to capturing and engaging with leads 24/7, wherever they are. Our texting platform provides instant alerts when a lead makes an inquiry on a car. We identify the lead and the car they are interested in.

EZR helps Dealers to capture more Leads and put them into the drivers's seat!

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TEXT COMPLIANCE: The Telephone Consumer Protection Act was passed in 1991. The Federal Communications Commission’s (FCC) rules and regulations implementing the act went into effect on December 20, 1992. This rule is analogous to the rule regulated by the Federal Trade Commission, the Telemarketing Sales Rule (TSR) as set established by the Do-Not-Call Implementation Act (DNCIA, 2003). The latest changes to the FCC’s TCPA go into effect on October 16, 2013.