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About Us

Founded by a team of seasoned transportation and high-tech professionals, EZR Mobile is a Bay Area based, privately owned, B2B mobile software company that provides client's with customized smart signage to deliver an enhanced experience to their customers, visitors and patrons.

Our platform goes beyond just "text messaging". We not only offer a smarter and faster way for you to interact with your users, but our platform also allows you to collect valuable -- and qualified -- customer data. Your users will receive the useful and key information that they need; and you benefit by seeing your customer contact list expand.

Our highly flexible and easy-to-implement platform transforms static signage into “effortless information” – user experiences that provide real-time communication in multiple languages.


Our Mission

Empower people to get where they need to go with confidence and ease with the information they need literally in the palm of their hand.

Our Vision

To be one of the companies in the world that is continually designing new ways to make our lives easier, more accessible, and more connected.

Our Product

We offer a highly flexible and easy to use mobile communication platform that provides real-time information to users to create a more enhanced experience.

Effortlessly Informative

Effortlessly Informative

Connecting people with services Brilliantly.